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Pleased to Meet You

Thank you for stopping by and checking out our lifestyle blog & podcast! I am the Founder of TattooedLifeRadio.com Dan Collins. I was born on the Southwest side of Chicago around Midway Airport so I am REAL Chicago. My story is like most you will hear with a lil flavoring of what my journey was supposed to be or what i chose it to be. I  live in Phoenix AZ and get around this great country as much as possible. I decided to write this blog and redo TattooedLifeRadio.com because i have learned our stories though sometimes tough, can truly help others that might need it. We have suppressed it too long. You don't solve things by hiding in the corner. Cannabis is saving Peoples life everyday. Whether you are the recovering heroin addict that no longer shots into the veins, or the pillhead that chews pills daily or even the anti-social or social anxiety person and the American Vet that suffers from PTSD, this plant from the creator is saving lives!  I hope that you join in, listen to those that have been thru it, have survived it and how they came out the other side every week on TattooedLifeRadio.com

Our Mission & Purpose

1) Share stories of what it was like, what happened and now it is now using Cannabis to enhance our life and battle the disease of Addiction, Pain and Mental health. 

2) Develop community outreach programs to aid and assist those of US in need to obtain MMJ cards in their states and to have a like minded community with online and offline meetings to offer support and a safe haven from judgement regarding Cannabis use in Recovery

3) To align with Vendors that aid ALL of US in this message as well as aid our community and help live a full and productive life, not in abuse of their DOC, but in Respect & for the betterment of US and those that follow

4) To aid those of US in need after WE detox from OUR  DOC to get back into society and to follow programs, but if need be to NOT abstain from use of Cannabis and its medical benefits

5) To spread the word that RELAPSE is NOT using cannabis to aid in our Recovery. To of course, RESPECT the traditions of it all from the beginning, but also To stop the attack on those that benefit from this plant given to us from our creator and stay clean and sober from their DOC 



Tune in & Join in!

I hope you check us out every Wednesday LIVE on TattooedLifeRadio.com or recorded 2 hours after LIVE.